(The Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Days 4 through Day 8

I could say poor WiFi has been the reason I haven’t posted – that would be true but the real reason I haven’t posted is because this route is challenging.  

I believe the amount of ascending and descending is much greater than the traditional route.  The stated distances in the guidebook are not correct, we are clocking in an additional 2 plus miles each day. 

The Coastal route of the Camino Portuguese is not for the untrained.  But it is gorgeous.  Each day reveals so much beauty that I am yearning for the next morning when I can walk again no matter how tired I felt when I arrived the night before at the hotel.

Here are the distances we have traveled:

  • Day 4 – Viana do Castelo to Ancora – 13.64 miles/21.95 km
  • Day 5  – Ancora to Oia – 9.01 miles/14.5 km
  • Day 6 – Oia to Baiona – 11.74 miles/18.9 km
  • Day 7 – Baiona to Vigo – 19.09 miles/30.72
  • Total Mileage – 102.14 miles/164.38 km

P.S. from Kayla

I don’t really know what to say about these days except the fact that we don’t stop to smell the roses, we stop to eat the nasturtiums. I know it sounds funny and weird but that is exactly what we do on our Caminos. We may not look like a fun or interesting group but we have such a wide variety of people with us that it makes it just so much more fun. The reason we stopped to eat the nasturtiums was because my Nana said they were edible so we thought what the heck let’s just try them. Well turns out they were quite discussing. I recommend not trying them. After my Nana put me through that horrifying moment I realized I should never eat what she tells me too again.  

4 responses to “(The Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Days 4 through Day 8

  1. Looks like Day 7 was a “trek.” And, Kayla, your Nana is a very adventurous person. And every now and then, when you are adventuring, you experience something you know you don’t need to do again. 🙂


  2. Eileen Millar

    19 miles in a day. Wow!


  3. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Sounds like a beautiful camino..enjoy every step..even though there may be a few extra.. Buen Camino, hugs, Nancy


  4. Arlene, maybe you were wrong to make her eat the flowers straight up … you could have hidden them in a colourful salad and they’d just be another interesting experience along the way!! 🙂


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