A Day in the Grand Canyon

Well, it started out really cold!!  Brrr!


You could never have told me Arizona could get this cold, but it surely does.

I ate breakfast in a Mexican Cantina and then went to the Canyon,  Here I am with my new best friend Smokey.


The Canyon is gorgeous, each stop along the rim gives breathtaking photo opportunities.  I shot over 300 pictures today.




When evening approached I saw elk, mule deer, a coyote and a herd if deer (pictured above).

It was a fabulous day spent in Nature, and I would like to know who could wish for more?  I feel totally fulfilled, my little Grand Canyon get away has been a success.

Tommorow – Sedona is in my sights.  There should be some great pictures from there as well.

6 responses to “A Day in the Grand Canyon

  1. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Really cold..Beautiful pictures..Can’t wait to see/hear about your Sedona adventures..(Sedona Schnebly). Nancy


    • Nancy,
      BRRR was right, but I just love it. And tromping through the snow made me feel like a child again. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like that.


  2. Great viewing Thanks for sharing such splendor

    Sent from my iPad



  3. You are a lucky lady, Arlene. Have fun.


    • Steve,
      Yes, I am lucky! You do know I believe we make our own luck and good times though. This has been something I wanted to do for some time now and finally just decided to do it. We’ll talk soon.


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