Mid-Winter Adventure

I decided I wanted to take a trip to see the Grand Canyon during the winter.  So a week or two ago I decided to make reservations in a hotel just outside the Canyon. 

Today was my journey from Tucson to the Canyon.  I knew I would see snow because the mountains surrounding my home had snow this morning.


As I got about half-way to the Canyon, I felt as though I was in a winter wonderland.  Oh how I miss the snow!


I did go into the Canyon before I checked into the hotel, but I left my camera in the car so shot pictures with my phone.  Naturally the WiFi signal does not seem strong enough to copy those images to the blog.

Tomorrow I will head back to the Canyon and take my camera along.

Stay tuned for some gorgeous shots of the Grand Canyon covered in snow.  I promise the wait is worth it.

13 responses to “Mid-Winter Adventure

  1. Be careful & enjoy! I have always loved snow…especially when I can go to it as opposed to having to drive rush hour traffic. Photo away Sarah

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  2. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Saw on the internet pictures of the canyon and Sedona..You are in for a real treat..Pictures !!

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  3. Enjoy your little vacation. Hope you see Sedona, too.

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  4. OHHH, Arlene, travel envy is coursing right through me!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Have a great time Arlene. You finally made it. 🙂

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  6. Your photos are fabulous Arlene and I am also including the photos you took of the Grand Canyon. Tor some reason or other I could not get into comment on your next post. Enjoy Sedona Arlene x

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  7. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Sedona will take your breath away..

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