AZT – Passage 11a – Pusch Ridge Wilderness Bypass – San Pedro Vista to Green Mountain/Bug Springs

  • Distance – 5.13 miles / 8.25 kilometers
  • Elevation Gain – 669 feet / 204 meters
  • Elevation Loss – 2041 feet / 1845 meters
  • Average Temperature – 89.6° F / 32° C
  • Total Mileage – 104.05 miles / 167.41 kilometers

It was a fabulous Sunday to be on the trail.  It had rained the night before and everything was lush and fragrant.  As usual, we were happy to be on the AZT again!   DSCN1776_1293It always seems even though we have chosen to hike this passage SOBO we must climb the mountain right out the gate.But as usual after we climb, the reward is an incredible vista.DSCN1774_1291DSCN1777_1294At one point during the hike we stopped to eat a snack and Adam appeared on his mountain bike.  Passage 11a is a famous mountain biking trail – we oftentimes step off the trail for cyclists.  We chatted for a bit, believe it or not, about the Camino, naturally I gave him a couple of my business cards.  He said his parents are very interested in the Camino.DSCN1801_1318We finished our snacks and hiked onwards.  Sometimes the rock formations appeared as though they were purposely placed.DSCN1802_1319DSCN1817_1334DSCN1806_1323And there were always absolutely beautiful views.  DSCN1804_1321

It was a beautiful day and a wonderful hike on yet another small section of the Arizona National Scenic Trail.  Yes, we are so lucky to have such wondrous trails right in our backyards.DSCN1834_1351

2 responses to “AZT – Passage 11a – Pusch Ridge Wilderness Bypass – San Pedro Vista to Green Mountain/Bug Springs

  1. WOW, Arlene, that landscape is indeed amazing and yes, you are so lucky to have it within easy walking distance … whether the walking is easy or not!! 🙂


    • Britta,
      I do love it up there on the mountain! I prefer trees overhead and dirt under my feet to cactus and the dry desert earth for hiking. And summer time is the perfect time to hike on the mountain, so much cooler up there 🙂


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