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AZT – Passage 11a – Green Mountain to Gordon Hirabayashi Prison Camp

  • Distance – 5.26 miles / 8.46 kilometers
  • Elevation Gain – 676 feet / 206 meters
  • Elevation Loss – 1706 feet / 521 meters
  • Average Temperature – 77° F / 30.2° C
  • Total Mileage – 120.26 miles / 204.55 kilometers

It was another beautiful morning to hike.  We headed up the mountain to tackle yet another section of Passage 11a.  As we were driving to Green Mountain, I commented to Scree Slider that I was hoping we didn’t have to climb that high mountain off the backside of  Mt. Lemmon.DSCN1969_1486

We began our hike at what initially looked like a beautiful rolling path.DSCN1970_1487But after the first turn we came to a switchback and with the next switchback this is what was staring us in the face.DSCN1975_1492Nothing like a steep climb right out the gate!  However, once we got to the top of the mountain the trail leveled out to a gentle descent for almost all of the remaining hike.DSCN1985_1502We passed some crazy rock formations.  It is unbelievable how the winds and times have shaped some of the rocks. DSCN2011_1528At one point the trail became obscure, when we finally found it thanks to Garmin’s fenix3, Scree Slider built a rock cairn for other AZT hikers.DSCN1997_1514We were feeling good with this portion of the passage and both posed for some  photo ops.  If it were a contest, I would have to say Lova won!DSCN1978_1495 DSCN2004_1521

We walked through a deep forested section with a creek that we had to cross many times.

As the morning and the hike wore on, we encountered more people than we have ever encountered on this Passage.  There were people hiking with dogs, people hiking with young children and several mountain bikers.DSCN2041_1558 DSCN2040_1557It was a great day and a great hike on the Arizona Trail!

Only one more section of Passage 11a is left for us to complete.  Gale Force will be joining us for that hike in a few days.