Day Four – Quintiaes to Ponte de Lima

Today once again we had a later start due to a later breakfast in the Casa.  It was a perfect day, for me the temperature was pleasant as we walked through wooded paths.  But it was a long walk almost 15 miles.


We stopped several times for drinks and snacks along the way.  I was walking with Marita; at  one point she screamed and jumped in front of me.  There was a huge snake across the path that darted into a crevice in a rock wall.

We then came upon another cafe where we encounted a beautiful Siamese cat and an Iguana.



Finally we arrived in Ponte de Lima.  The Casa do  Arrabalde is fabulous.  It is a grand old home with many rooms and the most gracious hostess, Isabella.  When in Ponte de Lima, I definitely recommend a stay in Casa do Arrabalde.

2 responses to “Day Four – Quintiaes to Ponte de Lima

  1. it seems everybody is having a great time, the photos area fantastic.
    When will you arrive to Santiago?
    We finish our Camino and now enjoying Santiago, hugs


    • Hi Lucia,
      We arrive in SdC on 6 June. Yes we are all having a grand old time.
      This is wonderful, great to know you and Hugo are enjoying the old city.
      See you soon,


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