Day Three – Barcelos to Quintiaes

What a glorious day for walking.  A few if us left the hotel at 7 am and began our departure from Barcelos before breakfast was even served in the hotel.  After the extreme heat of yesterday, we wanted an earlier start today.

We walked past the vendors setting up for the Thursday Market in the town square and then found a place to have a cup of cafe con leche and a delicious chocolate croissant.

The hike was beautiful, once we were out of Barcelos proper.  We wove through woodland paths and through small villages.  At about 10 am or so we came upon a cafe/bar located only a few klicks from our destination for the day.


We sat and had an adult refreshment waiting for the others from our group to arrive.  Finally the entire gang arrived and we all lifted a glass to a wonderful walk.

One by one we departed for our final location for the day – the fabulous Casa dos Assentos.  And what a treat the casa turned out to be – another swimming pool and the most beautiful room accommodations.


2 responses to “Day Three – Barcelos to Quintiaes

  1. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Sounds like you have encountered some heat!! Hope that will change. Enjoy every step. Nancy martinez


  2. After a hot day of walking, I bet that pool feels so refreshing.


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