Day 7 – 18 August 2014 – Muxia to Lires

Endurance takes us to the finish line. Endurance will  empower you to continue on to a brighter day.

Yes, endurance is what you will find when walking a Camino. Who would think walking such a great distance doable as well as enjoyable? Certainly not the Arlene of 4 or so years ago. But now I love the challenge. I love the tremendous sense of accomplishment the Camino gives me. I love the freedom it brings. I love the time I have to spend with my thoughts and fears, the time it gives me to work out my concerns.

Today was a challenging day for me. It seemed even though it was only 15 kms from Muxia to Lires the trek was endless.


At one point the arrows and waymarkers led me off the road to a very rarely travelled path through the woods. When the brambles became quite thick and I felt  I was blazing a totally new route on the Camino to Finisterre, I was sure my morning trek had become FUBAR, but just ahead I sighted one of the familiar Camino arrows and shells. The waymarkers on the Camino to and from Muxia to Finisterre are marked differentlt than on the rest of the Caminos.


Again the Camino took me up and down hills and through wooded paths. I watched a lumberjack fell a tall Eucalyptus tree just off path. I heard the wind rustling in the trees, smelled the salt in the air and listened to the birdsong.

It was another glorious day on the Camino. Tomorrow I walk into Finisterre and hope to see a beautiful sunset over the Atlantic.




2 responses to “Day 7 – 18 August 2014 – Muxia to Lires

  1. My sentiments as well about walking the Camino


  2. OOOH I long to back on the Camino. Your photos are great as usual. Love the horses.


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