Travel Day

On Saturday  morning at 4:30 I left my house to make my way to Tucson International Airport.  Road construction made the trip 30 minutes long, but I arrived in plenty of time.  Thanks to United Airlines pre-check TSA screening, I was through airport security in a flash.

The flight boarded and I was in my seat along with the other priority boarders.  Then to Denver Mile High Airport…….my connecting flight was on the opposite side of the terminal.  Good Camino practice!  Now again boarding with the priority boarders, did I say how much I like United Airlines Mileage Plus perks?

I fly from Denver to Washington DC and now only have 55 minutes to make my connecting flight to Madrid.  I speed walk approximately one mile to the gate and they immediately begin boarding.  Whew, I made it.

Naturally the flight was during the night.  Naturally I was unable to sleep a wink during the flight.  But I’m okay, right I’ve done this 3 times before and I  do just fine.

I arrive in Madrid 45 minutes ahead of schedule, my backpack is one of the first to come off the plane.  I make my way through immigration/customs without a hitch.  I arrive in Madrid Barajas Airport in Terminal 1.  My next flight departs to Santiago from terminal 4, but this is not a problem because I have 8 hours to kill before the flight. 

So, I have a cafe con leche and a chocolate croissant to kill some time.  And then I walk to the end of terminal 4.  It is too early to check into my flight, so I must keep my pack with me.  I find a chair in an empty section of the airport and sit for the remainder of the time until I can check in reading a book.

I’m tired and hungry for some decent food.  The airport does not provide any good restaurants before you pass through their security.  So I remain tired and hungry until I am able to check in.

Once checked in, I get my first bocadilla and now I am happy.  Now on the flight to Santiago with Iberia Airlines.  We are packed in like sardines, but I’m almost there.  We land, I get a taxi and soon I am in the Hotel San Miguel.  I collapsed after the shower.  No blog posting for me until today. 

I’m back on Camino and I couldn’t be happier!

11 responses to “Travel Day

  1. Oh Arlene! Café con leche and a chocolate filled croissant!!! I remember them well. Breakfast of Camino Champions!
    I am so excited for you.
    Hopefully lots of pictures coming from the Ingles!
    Love your posts!!


  2. So happy for you. See you in NJ?


  3. Buen Camino tres!!!! So impressive on your third Camino and 2nd in 2014!!! You rock!!! I apologize if you have answered this in a previous post, but what route are you walking this time? I will be following!!!


  4. Fabulous Arlene! It must feel like you’ve come home!



  5. Reblogged this on PGS – The Way and commented:
    Arlene is on her way…


  6. Arlene, have the most wonderful Camino. So happy for you. Look forward to following your journey.
    Blessings from Oz.
    Anne 🙏


  7. Arlene so happt for you. I will follow you with great interest and keeping notes for my time on same route next year. Buen Camino


  8. Arlene,
    You may be tired but “back on the road again” and that must be a good feeling. Enjoy your rest before bussing to Ferrol and the beginning of the walking. You walk began when you left Tucson. You go Girl!


  9. I’m so happy for you Arlene.


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