Your Sacred Space is Where You Can Find Yourself Again and Again

What a poignant statement that is.

It is a quote from Joseph Campbell, the famous American mythologist, writer and lecturer. Campbell’s work is vast, covering many aspects of the human experience. His philosophy is often summarized by his famous phrase: “Follow your bliss.”

When I was working with Lydia Smith, helping with the Camino Documentary this past March, she recommended watching ‘Finding Joe’. This is a DVD which explores how the Hero’s journey is relevant and essential in today’s world. It discusses how to live a fully realized life. Finally I carved away some time from my day to view this DVD.finding Joe

During the 80 minutes of the film, I sat transfixed to the screen. It was so very evident there was such a strong parallel with my life and what was being explained in the film. The Hero’s Journey, as it was being described, is my story. It explained my need, my desire to be close to and a part of the Camino de Santiago.

Basically there are three parts to the Hero’s Journey and they are:

Separation – the Universe inspires you to take a journey, sometimes gently and other times quite strongly. This can be explained as a ‘calling’. You are made to step outside your comfort zone.

Initiation – you are placed into another place unfamiliar to you. There will be obstacles placed in your way, you will be challenged. You must fight your demons and conquer them. Once this is completed you will find true self-redemption.

Return – you return to your original place as a changed person to share what you have learned and give back to your community.

My Separation – I can’t tell you what first inspired me to walk the Camino. I can say my inspiration originally came from a Rick Steves’ travel show. But why, I hated travelling alone, in fact I was afraid to travel alone.

What caused that burning desire to become a pilgrim? It wasn’t for a religious purpose, I did not feel the need to walk a pilgrimage for atonement, and in fact I didn’t think of the Camino as a pilgrimage at all. Yes, I know it is one of the three original pilgrimage routes in the Catholic religion, but that was not my intent.

I now believe this was my call to adventure.

My Initiation – Oh, yes I was confronted by many dragons on that first Camino. But the largest, strongest, most fearful dragon was the hardest to overcome. That dragon was my irrational fear of being alone, travelling alone, walking alone, not having anybody to befriend me.

That particular dragon was so strong that upon arrival in St. Jean Pied de Port, I immediately aligned myself with another woman who was also alone. She and I shared hotel rooms, dinners and sometimes walked together during the day. It took several weeks for that alliance to end. Why?  Simply because I was unable to fight the dragon, I didn’t have the courage I needed to do so.

My Return – When I returned to the States, I began the Old Pueblo Chapter of American Pilgrims on the Camino. I am giving back to our community by providing support and a forum for other pilgrims to learn about the Camino de Santiago.

But immediately I was being called back to the Camino, there still was more for me to do. I knew I would return, just didn’t know when that would be. As it turned out, my second Camino was only one year later. The third followed six months after my return and my fourth will begin in less than two months, 3 months after my return from the third Camino.

Before my first Camino, my life had become devoid of adventure, it was like being on a treadmill, and it was predictable. I had lost contact with my soul. My life was wrong.   I had bargained away my life for the security of avoiding my fears.   Fear is such an inhibitor – I was holding myself back from doing and achieving all of my dreams.

I had a need to become the hero of my own life not the victim of it. I have learned that I have a choice and only I am responsible for the way my life plays out. I had to summon up the courage to explore the unknown. I had to find a place where there was joy so that joy could burn out all the fear I held inside. That place for me was and continues to be walking the Camino de Santiago.

My Hero’s Journey was not easy. I learned my greatest obstacle was me all along.

Now, I am following my bliss! I have found my sacred space and I plan to return there again and again.

14 responses to “Your Sacred Space is Where You Can Find Yourself Again and Again

  1. Arlene,

    Beautifully said and I think you are right on track for you. Most people never get there. I know that you will find your bliss. I am honored to have shared some of your travels with you. Steve


    • Thanks Steve. Yes, I do believe I have found my bliss on the Camino which is precisely why I believe I continue to return time and time again.


      • Arlene, No one has to understand why you walk as much as you do. You do it because you want to and need to. That is all the explanation anyone needs to know and they should support that reason.


  2. Wow, Arlene, what an awesome post! Thank you for sharing your innermost fears and thoughts with us. I, for one, learn much about myself through your revelations. Much to ponder. I intend to view the film and check out the book recommended by Bill. Julie


    • Hi Julie,
      The Universe has subtle ways of teaching us lessons. I am aware with each Camino I walk, there will be another dragon I must slay otherwise why would I be continually called back. But to see my story explained in a DVD – now that was a revelation for me! I felt compelled to write this particular blog post since several close friends of mine cannot understand my need or desire to return to the Camino as frequently as I do. I hope this explains my reasons to them.


  3. Nice post. I need to ponder it more. It is interesting how different metaphorical routes take us to the same place.
    – Clare


    • Thanks Clare, the DVD was quite interesting to me since I related it to my Camino experiences. So far all three have had differing yet similar affects on me, and all three have included the same three stages.


  4. Beautiful post Arlene – thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and insights with us. As Clare so rightly said, there’s much to reflect upon with your post – I’ll be pondering it more too.


    • Hey Jenny, good to hear from you. You will be leaving for your hospitalero stint soon won’t you? Buen Camino friend ~ Arlène


      • Jenny Heesh

        Hi Arlene – Thanks so much for your good wishes. I leave Sydney next Saturday and begin work at Rabanal on 30 June. I feel I’m already there in spirit!


  5. What an inspiring post. Very intimate look into your feelings and insight. Thank-you for sharing. No matter where we go, there we are.
    I keep returning again and again to a place that let me down and I have always known it was not the place it was who I was at the time in that place.
    Buen Camino!


  6. Arlene, wonderful story of what you are doing with your life. Thx for sharing!


  7. Excellent post, Arlene. Thank you.


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