Dreaming of Le Chemin St. Jacques – Le Puy

I’m following the blogs of two people currently walking Le Chemin St Jacques – Le Puy. The written words as well as the photographs on these blogs are solidifying my desires to make plans to walk this route.

I have purchased the Cicerone Guide “The Way of St James, France, Le Puy to the Pyrenees” and am avidly reading its contents.

I am also following all the threads regarding this route through France on the Camino de Santiago Forum.

One of the APOC Chapter members walked this route last spring. I will arrange for a meeting with her to hear her experiences. She did give a presentation at one of the meetings but I was away on the Camino Francés at that time.

I already can speak a bit of French; I will take a course to assure I can converse intelligently. Speaking only English on the Camino Francés while walking through Spain has never been a problem as most shop keepers and hoteliers along the way speak English. I experienced the same knowledge of English on the Camino Portugués.

I believe, however, Le Chemin St. Jacques it is different, one must speak French in most establishments. The guidebook states this and I understand this to be true from reading the two blogs I am following.

I’ve ordered “Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes” by Robert Louis Stevenson, one of his earlier novels about his solo hike on the Grande Randonnée. Les Sentiers de Grande Randonnée (long distance footpaths) are a network of paths and hiking trails throughout France.

Le Chemin St Jacques – Le Puy is known as the Grande Randonnée 65 or GR65. The GR65 runs from Geneva, via Le Puy en Velay and Conques, to the Pyrenees. The distance of this Chemin (French for Camino) is 500 miles or 805 kms. Le Chemin Le Puy connects with the Camino Francés in St Jean Pied de Port.

Chemin Le Puy

Chemin Le Puy

The Camino Francés then continues over the Pyrenees and through Spain to Santiago de Compostela. The French Route, as it is sometimes called, is roughly another 500 miles/ 805 kms.

Camino Francés

Camino Francés

That would be a total of plus-minus 1,000 miles. With sufficient rest days planned along the way, I have no doubt I can accomplish the distance. I would allow three months to complete these two combined routes.

As has always been the case since my first Camino, I am preparing to embark on the current Camino and have plans of my next Camino percolating in my mind.

Simply a case of being “Once Bitten”!!!

10 responses to “Dreaming of Le Chemin St. Jacques – Le Puy

  1. Hi Arlene
    Read recently somewhere on a blog someone was doing in France: What do you call people that only speak one language? Answer: Americans.
    Wish the French didn’t think so unkindly of us. Would love to walk thru the French countryside.
    The “once bitten” thing got us too! We are saving now for the next one! Sounds like you have some wonderful times ahead.


    • Hi Lynda,

      When do you and Dale think you will walk your second Camino? Do you have a route chosen? Or will you walk the Camino Frances again?

      I’m looking forward to checking out the Le Puy route as a possibility for my Chambres d’Hote (the French equivalent of Casa Rurale in Spain). I do have a cousin who lives in Provence that has offered to help me find a place. I’ll be doing much research between now and then.



  2. I am following some of the same blogs. When I saw one of your comments on another blog, I felt like I had seen you walking up ahead. (Oh! There’s someone with a red jacket and purple backpack. Looks like Arlene!) This is definitely like walking a virtual pilgrimage or three, every day.
    – Clare


    • Clare, yes I, too, noticed you following the same blog as I am following.
      Funny thing about the Camino isn’t it? Those of us who have been bitten, seem to gravitate to all things Camino, we simply cannot get our fill.
      I definitely see a Chemin Le Puy in my future!


  3. Gérard Mourier

    Not crazy, just in love with the camino 😉 Kisses


    • Cousin,
      I hope to see you should I actually walk Le Chemin de Compostelle – Le Puy. Right now I am thinking mid May 2015!
      Kisses right back to you!


  4. Hi Arlene,
    I just finished the Le Puy route and also the Camino Frances till muxia. 54 days on the Camino, it was great. let me know if you need informations.


  5. Hi Marie,
    Right now I am busy putting together a tour group for the Camino. Maybe next summer I will walk Le Puy or maybe the summer after. I’d love to hear of you adventure.


  6. Wow! You are bitten!

    Good for you. Enjoy Arlene. I wish I could join you.



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