Day 1 of Walking Matisinhos to Vila do Conde

Today was a beautiful day walking along the seaside.  For the  most part the walk brought back the days of my youth, growing up on the south shore of Long Island, New York.  Although I must say it was my very first time walking across the sand in hiking boots.


At one point I needed to climb up a very steep path to get back to the Camino.  The path was narrow and felt almost verticle.  At the top, I reached a very strange cement thing (I don’t know what to call it).  I will let you place a name to it, if you dare.


The walk was longer than I anticipated – 14.75 miles with the major portion of it following the shore.  The winds blew and the sun was shining.  It was truly a beautiful day for walking the Camino.

7 responses to “Day 1 of Walking Matisinhos to Vila do Conde

  1. Arlene, What is it with you and Bill and your photos yesterday? Bills “sex on beach shot” and now your shot “what’s your point?” 🙂

    Anyway looks like you guys had a great day….carry on and may blue skies follow you!!


  2. Debbie, I hadn’t even read Bill’s post until you commented on mine. I was not far ahead of Bill and Jen and didn’t see such a thing.


  3. AM,
    Beautiful! So happy for you to be on such an inspiring, enchanting journey.
    Take care my friend and continue your wondrous time.
    XO Tami


  4. Tami, so far it’s fun. A great group of people, who could ask for more? Arlene


  5. Wow, Arlene, how beautiful! So glad you had such wonderful weather for your first day! Vaya con Dios! Julie


  6. Looks beautiful Arlene.

    I think the cement thing kind of looks like Thors hammer.

    Sounds like you are having a magical time. Enjoy!!



  7. Your beginning steps on the journey seem to agree – a beach, warm sun and friends ahead and behind…………can’t wait to read your posts and see your pictures!


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