OMG I Leave Tomorrow!!!!

I can’t believe the calendar; the day is finally upon me. Today is my last day at home before I make the trek across the Atlantic to arrive in Portugal for my third Camino de Santiago.

I’ve packed, unpacked and repacked my belongings more times than I can count. Do I have all the necessary items? Am I taking along too much? Or is it too little?

One would think I would know the drill by now, but alas this Camino is different. It is guided by my friend Bill Bennett and his wife Jennifer. Hotel reservations have all been arranged as well as our dinners. And wonderfully, there is a support van that will carry our packs from one location to the next.

I will be walking this Camino without a backpack on my back. I may use my daypack if the weather looks as though I might be rained upon (it will contain my rain gear). But for the most part I plan on using the waist pack with a bottle holster for my supply of water.

I see absolutely no need to punish myself by carrying all my belongings on my back. I will be returning to Spain in August to walk yet another Camino, the Camino Inglés. For my Camino in August, I will be the proper Pilgrim and will carry my full backpack, unless, of course, I can arrange for baggage transport with Jacotrans. :-)

But now the problem, or rather something that has perplexed me for the last week or two. I live in the desert southwest and have become accustomed to temperatures (even in the winter) of 70+ degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures in Portugal and Galicia, Spain, where this Camino will take me, are averaging in the 50 to mid 60 degree Fahrenheit range for the month of April.

At those temperatures, will I need warmer clothing than I had originally planned? I think so. So I have now added long running tights, long sleeve tee shirts and a down vest to the pack while still keeping the Capri length tights and short sleeve tee shirts initially packed.

I only have a few more hours to fiddle with the items I will be carrying along with me; guess I had better get to it!

Buen Camino – next post from Portugal!!!


26 responses to “OMG I Leave Tomorrow!!!!

  1. Good luck! Look forward to your postings.


  2. At the moment I’m reading a book by a guy who went on his fifth Camino. It makes me wonder why so many people return? I am going in September and can’t wait to find out!


    • Kiwi – You will find out when you have put your feet on the Camino and walked all or even part of it. I can’t explain exactly why I keep returning other than I’ve been bitten. Yes, that is my explanation …….. Once Bitten!
      Good luck and enjoy every step!


  3. Buen camino! Have a fabulous trip!


  4. See you soon mate!! Safe travels over. We’re a waiting for you!!


  5. Hey Bill, it won’t be long now! I’m excited and finally I’m organized, well at least I think so. HOOLY DOOLY!


  6. To an earlier comment – I have been there 3 times and will be going in 2015 for my fourth. When you go in September, you will see what it is all about. For me, it is the friendly people that you meet from all over the world and the friendly ness and kindness of the Spanish people.

    Arlene, take as much stuff as you want as you will not be carrying it and you do not want to get caught over there shivering like someone taken from the dessert. When I was there last year, I seen many people on trips like your with hard travel suitcases which were transported for them – they only had very small sacks for a water bottle and snack. Good luck,


    • Tim,
      Yes it is a truly Once Bitten thing with the Camino. It gets into your blood!

      I’m looking forward to this Portugués Camino. Definitely something different for me although I have always off-loaded a good amount of my backpack and sent it forward in the duffle bag for a nominal fee using Jacotrans. I’m not ashamed to say that either!

      And yes, I have already checked they service the Camino Inglés and Finnisterre and Muxia routes also! So I am a happy camper. I see no need to weigh myself down as well as the punishment of walking such great distances. I’ll be set for the August 2014 Camino.



  7. Arlene, we are both so jealous. We have got the camino virus big time and can’t wait to walk another one. Have a great time and buen camino. Maggie amd Peter


    • Maggie and Peter,
      It will be great to have you along again. I’m excited and oh, yes I’ve got it too – you know what I say – Once Bitten


  8. Travel mercies Arlene! I look forward to following your blog and what I am sure will be a great adventure!

    Buen Camino


  9. Best wishes! 50-60 F is pretty much perfect walking weather. But better to be safe with enough warm clothes.


  10. Clare – Yes, I think you are right about that being perfect walking temps. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this Camino. Stay tuned!


  11. Safe travels Arlene – I hope that you’re able to get some quality rest on the flight over so that you arrive refreshed.
    I’m looking forward to following your blog – I’m sure there’ll be tons to report plus gorgeous photos.
    Enjoy every moment and take joy in every step.
    Every best wish –
    Jenny xxxxx


  12. Jenny,
    Thank you. I don’t usually suffer from jet lag, thankfully. But I also don’t do much sleeping on the flight either. I suppose it is pure adrenaline that keeps my energy high and the power bars that I consume!
    I’m looking forward to this trek, I’m sure it will be nothing less than a total HOOT!
    Like I said on Bill’s blog – HIGH 5 and a HOOLY DOOLY and now I’ll add HOLY MOLY to that!!!!!


    • It’s fantastic you don’t suffer from jetlag. I hope that you’re able to enjoy a movie or two on the trip over.
      High 5, Hooly Dooly and Holy Moly – that’s the Trifecta!
      Cheers –
      Jenny x


  13. Buen Camino, Piligrina – be safe.



  14. Thanks Yasmin,
    I’m at Tucson International right now waiting for my first flight.


  15. Arlene- I don’t care what you say…you are a ‘Proper’ pilgrim no matter what! I’m all for not carrying a backpack too. Take the time to enjoy the landscape & people.
    Good luck & stay warm! Nancy


  16. Looking forward to your posts, pictures and perspective on the Camino.


  17. ingridfolkers

    Hi Arlene, well I just caught up with your blog, I needed to adjust the delivery settings. It will be fun following you and get the story behind the story for sure. You are off to a great start. Wishing you a wondeful Camino. Ingrid


  18. kpschlesinger

    good Idea, its hard to imagine being cold when you are warm. But keep warm and Buen Camino. Mike and I are following all of you as you go!


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