Day 21 – Hospital de Orbigo to Astorga

I left Hospital de Orbigo at 8 this morning. The beginning of the walk was flat and easy to navigate.


Then it began – the path turned rocky. And it started to climb and it was getting rockier still. It was hard to navigate. 

I have bruised the bottom of my right foot and am cautious about my left knee since I have had ACL reconstructive surgery on it. I traverse these tough paths with much caution and quite slowly. So from my standpoint, today was hard.

I finally came upon an oasis among the rocks and hills, a stand set up by a local fellow who provides peregrinos with refreshments for a donativo. I must have looked pretty forlorn because the young fellow hugged me and delivered the double cheek kiss. Once again I am taken aback by the kindness of people on and of the Camino.


I finally made my way into Astorga,  again it was miles of pavement before arriving in the city.

I stopped in a shop and purchased a hairbrush (I had only brought a comb because it was lighter in weight) and a small bottle of cologne. I’m getting sick and tired of looking and smelling like a homeless person.

After I checked into the hotel, I took a nice hot bath, used the hairdryer,  put on a bit of cologne and went out for the menu del dia and some sightseeing.



Need I say, I felt like a new woman! 
¡La vida es buena!

8 responses to “Day 21 – Hospital de Orbigo to Astorga

  1. Take care my friend. Glad to hear you are taking it easy and not going to extremes. Have a buen day 22!


  2. It sounds like you have a few issues but I know you will take care of your little aches and the WAY will also look out for you…..each day one foot in front of each other as Bill would say…it makes you feel so good when strangers go out of their way to give you a little lift in different ways…have a great rest and I think some good vino is called for tonight blessings les


  3. It sounds like you came upon David…the oasis outside Astorga 🙂 I remember the nectarine juice he offered…ahhh!


  4. Lovely shots once again Arlene – you are isolating what’s important in the frame, and keeping your compositions strong.

    Ain’t Astorga wonderful? One of my favourite towns on the Camino!


  5. Hi Arlene – So you met the famous David! He’s wonderful! I was lucky enough to receive a kiss-kiss each cheek too!
    I hope that all is well with you and that you managed to cram HEAPS of the fantastic Astorga chocolate into your pack! ‘Sustenance of the Gods’ is chocolate!!!
    Take joy in every step –
    Jenny xo


  6. Sending positive energy to that bruised foot! Take it easy, and slow. I think your photos are remarkable! Hugs! Julie


  7. Beautiful snapshot of that church or what looks like a church. Who would think a bath and a brush could make one so happy huh!. I didn’t know you had reconstructive surgery on your knee and yet you are doing all this….. you remind of a song, ” I am woman, hear me roar”…………..


  8. Elizabeth Marshall


    I missed this post.

    What was the name of the building? It looks like a castle.



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