Day 20 – Villar de Mazarife to Hospital de Orbigo

The walk was lovely today. For the first part I walked and chatted with a young women from Slovakia.  After a cafe con leche in a small bar, I continued on by myself.


For the very first time, I put on my earphones and listened to music all the way into Hospital de Orbigo.
Neil Diamond sang “Heartlight” and for the first time I truly listened to the words of that particular song.




When I arrived at the outskirts of Hospital, I stopped for a rest in a park. Spain has exercise equipment in their parks and this time since I was alone I decided to use the machine that I think replicates the exercise of squats. I did quite a few reps, I most likely will be a sore Peregrina tomorrow.

After exercising, I returned to the bench and was daydreaming for a bit. An old man on a bicycle stopped and handed me an apple. You see he had a bag full of apples in his bicycle’s basket. He wished me ¡Buen Camino! and rode away.

Yesterday when I checked into my room in the albergue, the proprietor asked for my passport and my credencial. She writes the names of pilgrims in her personal register.

I am carrying two credentials, one is my own, the second is for my deceased first husband. When I explained to her that he is deceased, she told me she was putting his name in her book because she knows he is walking with me.

The kindness of the Camino’s residents and the other pilgrims I have encountered this Camino is absolutely amazing.

Oh, by the way, Hospital de Orbigo is a four stork town. I walked 10.5 miles/15.8 kms in 3 hours 46 minutes not counting my stops.


8 responses to “Day 20 – Villar de Mazarife to Hospital de Orbigo

  1. What do you mean by 4 stork town?


  2. I am so enjoying your daily postings! How special for you to have the passport of your deceased husband along and for the proprietor to log his name into her records! Proud of your accomplishments so far!


  3. Arlene
    I am glad the Camino is going well for you. I loved the incredible bridge in Hospital de Orbigo and can only imagine how the rivers flood to justify such an incredible structure. Enjoy Astorga–it too was special.


  4. Arlene, I love it the way you count the stork nests… I kept looking and taking photographs as well, but of course no storks right now… at least I did not see any last October… I know in the Spring, the nests are full. Ultreia!


  5. Arlene – that’s so funny – a four stork town. I got an email from Paul, one of the Aussie Storkers, last nght. They’re having a reunion in Melbourne and I was very tempted to go, however the following day I have to drive to Qld, so it’s just not possible.

    Isn’t that an amazing story about the man giving you the apple – and the woman at the albergue with your deceased husband’s credential? And what a fabulous thing to do – you, doing that with your husband’s passport.

    You’re an amazing lady Arlene.



  6. Hi Arlene – Beautiful photos and wow, that bridge! So much history connected with it.
    Thank you for sharing with us that you are carrying two credencials – your own and that of your deceased husband – you must have loved each other very much – my heart goes out to you Arlene.
    Take joy in every step –
    Jenny xo


  7. Hi Arlene: I am really enjoying your blog. I love the photo of the webs. Keep on trekking. I am living vicariously through you! Julie


  8. Like Julie, I too am living thru your pictures and posts and they are wonderful. I wondered about a ‘stork’ town too but surmise from another post that it means the nests storks have made. How intriguing to have that woman write your name and your hubby’s in her record book….. and how thoughtful and caring of you to have brought his personal info along with you. You often are out and on the road as the sun is coming up and that must be beautiful to see and perhaps better to get a start in the early morning. SUrprises me to always see flowers or trees, animals that we have here. So heartwarming to hear how nice the people are to your who are traveling!


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