It is Getting Closer

Another week has passed and I’m closer to the beginning of my second Camino.

Another week has passed and I am still wondering if the training I have done will be sufficient enough to carry me the distance I must walk to arrive at the cathedral of Saint James (Santiago) and then onward to the end of the earth, Finisterre and Muxia.

I expect to be walking a total of 468 miles or 747 kilometers. I’m hoping to accomplish this in 43 days allowing for several rest days along the Way.

Training here in the desert during the summer months is quite challenging.  Everything is parched and/or dried up.


Above is a picture of one of the many arroyos or washes I pass during my daily training.  I have never seen any water in any of these washes around town, but then again I am usually out in the early morning and the monsoon rains generally happen during the late afternoon or early evenings.

This is another shot taken during one of my training hikes this week.  The only wildlife I encountered this past week were cotton tail rabbits, lizards and a multitude of birds, large and small.


9 responses to “It is Getting Closer

  1. Anne, the more photos I see, the more sense I get of where you are, and the kind of preparation you’re doing. I think this kind of training will put you in good shape for the Camino.

    I think you’ll sail through it!



  2. Anne? Arlene!!

    That’s what happens when I post before I’ve had my morning coffee. Of coffees!

    Sorry! 😀


  3. OR coffees!



  4. Arlene – your determination and strength amaze me………. you will do fine I’m sure and just the idea of wanting to do all this is breathtaking….unimaginable actually to me! I see the route you train and that too looks ‘interesting’ and I would be afraid of whatever animals came out while walking those trails. How far are the trails you walk from your house. Much luck and will talk to you before you leave……. its getting close!


    • Maggie,

      The trails I walk are about all about 1 to 2 miles from my home. I live on the outskirts of the city limits.

      Some trails are further and I drive to them and then walk.



  5. I see from the weather report that by 10 am this morning it was just over 100 degrees F in your neck of the woods. That’s gotta be tough to train in that kind of heat. But as they say in the California desert, it’s a dry heat!


  6. if you keep posting blogs and forum co host you wont have time to train…relax you will have the time of your life best wishes les


  7. HI Arlene, Your trails are a beautiful place for training hikes! When ever we used to go to Tucson we always hike the Sabino Canyon Trail up and back. No tram for us so we get to cross that cold cold water both ways!!! I’ve always wanted to hike Hutch’s Pools. Some day… Buen Camino!


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