An Update on my Training

I have been getting out for about 4 to 5 treks per week. I’m still only walking steep inclines but it is getting harder each day because of the hideous heat of Tucson’s summers.

One morning I was lucky enough to sight a beautiful bobcat. She was about 8 feet from where I was standing.bobcat




On another urban hike, I continued walking for 9 miles – this I know because I am now using my new Garmin GPS watch. It was hot!! I was unsure if I could make it back to my house. But I got home safely, I am sure all the water I drank depleted my potassium levels because I felt pretty lousy for the rest of the day.

On another hike this past week, I got rained on for a few minutes each of three different times.

But today’s trek was glorious. The temps were in the 90 degree range and the monsoon clouds were building.


Usually the skies in southern Arizona do not have any clouds; as you can see the story is quite different during monsoon season.

This update was made from my Samsung Galaxy Note smart phone because I am trying to determine if I should purchase a tablet to bring along with me on the Camino this September. The jury is still out……

10 responses to “An Update on my Training

  1. Arlene, That bobcat picture is really cool. I am surprised it waited for you to take that. Be careful with your hiking. Steve


    • Yeah Steve,
      She stood there looking at me and I stood still looking at her for what seemed like 5 minutes but I’m sure it was only 60 seconds and then she sauntered away. On that same hike I also saw one of the jack rabbits – you know the ones they sometimes call the jack-a-lopes; gosh they are funny looking things!
      I am very careful with hiking, in fact I don’t go deep into the desert during the summer, back in May I almost stepped on a huge rattlesnake.


  2. That would be what I am afraid of with my poor hearing. It’s one thing not to hear everything in a restaurant, but entirely something else not hearing a rattlesnake.


  3. Arlene,
    Don’t bring a tablet on the Camino. Just bring a smartphone. I brought both and its to much weight and then you will worry about losing or having it stolen. A good Iphone will store all your contact information, music, photo’s, and you can facetime your friends and family on Wifi for free. A Tablet is just wasted weight. The Iphone does everything you will need. Just a little advise from someone who carried both the whole way…..


    • Thanks Rich for your input.
      Yes after realizing the ease of posting the blog from the SGN phone yesterday, I have nixed the tablet idea.


  4. did you get my blog address that I sent this morning? Great blog here les


  5. hi sent you an e mail to the above link hope it comes through cheers les


  6. Arlene, what a beautiful part of the world you live in. I will think of your bobcat photo next time Maggie and I do a 13 km walk in our local suburbs looking at domestic cats and dogs! We have decided to carry mini iPads as they weigh so little and are great for all communication with our family back home. Buen camino, Peter


  7. Arlene, I’m so proud you are heading back to the Camino – enjoy the journey and find all that you need to find –
    Buen Camino –


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