Springtime in Tucson

Temperatures this past week have been more comfortable in the high 80’s to low 90’s.  Last night I sat on my patio enjoying a glass of Spanish Rioja and decided to share some of my garden with my followers.

All of the rose bushes are in bloom and will remain in bloom until around October.  A few weeks ago the rose blossoms were so profuse it was almost impossible to see any leaves.  The honeysuckle is overflowing its giant pot and the geraniums (red, purple and pink) are also doing very well.  Oh, there’s also a picture of Tinkerbelle in her nest – yes, she returned this year and it appears her egg(s) have hatched for I just saw her feeding the fledgling(s).

One response to “Springtime in Tucson

  1. Wow!! Some beautiful flowers In you’re gargen.
    Enjoy them – looks wonderful. Thanx for sharing.

    🙂 ya Deb


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