Camino de Santiago de Compostela – Update (Part XIII)

It has been a while since I wrote about the Camino…….partially because I don’t want my readers to become bored with this obsession of mine………but mainly because I have been busy, leaving little time for blogging.

In my previous blog I alluded to my concern with walking the Camino in September. I contacted a fellow forum member who was leaving for the Camino in the beginning of April to ask how his camino was going and what he thought about walking in spring versus fall. He wrote me back telling me that he had to cut his camino short because of a family matter but continued to say…

”As far as the time of the year to walk, I walk in the spring because it is less crowded and that is a convenient time for me to walk. This year the weather was pretty lousy. I only had about 5 days of good weather. The rest of the time it was cold, windy and wet, lot’s of rain. I have never walked in the fall but many people like that time of year. You should choose a time of year that suits you, not necessarily a time that works for me or someone else. The weather will not be as hot and dry as Arizona, even on the Meseta.”

Another forum member wrote me when I told him of my concern about walking in September…

“I am speaking from the perspective of coming from Canada and you are speaking from the perspective of coming from the desert. What I will find hot and what you will find hot will be two very different things. I believe that the September weather will be in the 80’s, not 70’s and not 90’s. For me, that will be hot, for you, likely perfect. I do not believe that it will be humid, unless it is raining. September is one of the driest months. In September, all of the harvest is becoming ripe with all of the vineyards, fruit trees, fall festivals, etc.”

Oh, vineyards and fall festivals!  Now my concerns regarding the weather on the Camino have now been put to rest. It is still a go for September barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The weather here in Arizona has been record-setting for the last couple of days. Because of the prediction of 100* plus temperatures for the weekend, my friend and I headed up to Mount Lemmon to hike on Sunday.

Temperatures on top of the mountain were 72*F, perfect for hiking. Let me tell you it was hard and not just because I was carrying a full backpack. I had to keep stopping to catch my breath – the height of Mount Lemmon is 9100 feet above sea level (I’m thinking real good training for crossing the Pyrenees that only rise about 4500 feet).

We hiked the top of the mountain for a bit and then decided to ride down to Box Camp Trail (elevation of 8,000 feet). This trail was so different from the normal desert hikes I take. There was actual dirt to walk on, many evergreen trees, plenty of rocks and the scent of pine in the air. Both my friend and I are from New York and Box Camp Trail left us a bit reminiscent because the terrain reminded us of the Northeast part of the country and home.

We even got to see some snow.

We were up on the mountain for the better part of the morning and afternoon. When we drove back down the mountain, I was watching the temperature rise on the outside temperature gauge in my car from 72*F to….

2 responses to “Camino de Santiago de Compostela – Update (Part XIII)

  1. September would be a perfect time I think! It sounds like you’re ready!!


  2. Have you seen the Donkeys and Disillusionment film?

    Its showing at a Camino fundraiser on the Sunshine Coast in June.
    Its about a guy from Sydney that gives up the city life, buys a Donkey in France and just goes for it.
    It follows, over a 6 year period, the life stories of 5 pilgrims and San Pastue the donkey. Walking with them on the Camino and following up 6 years later when each pilgrim has returned home. Amazing stories from the camino!


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