Late Winter/Very Early Spring Training Camp

Late Winter/Very Early Spring Training has begun for the mountain bike racers in the family.  After a much delayed flight due to de-icing because of a snowstorm in the northeast, Jocelyn arrived Saturday, January 21st.  She trained every day thereafter for the Single Speed Arizona race here in Tucson on Saturday, February 4th (

Unfortunately for Joc, she came down with  a horrible headcold which made it hard for her to train.  After riding on Friday the 3rd she sat on the couch watching re-run marathons of House and NCIS.  It didn’t take a genius to see that she was suffering!  I will say however, that Jocelyn is one determined athlete – she got ready on Saturday morning to compete in SSAZ, but just couldn’t find the strength to race.

This morning I drove her to Tucson International Airport for her flight back home.  I’ll miss her company but hopefully she’ll be back next year.

Mike will be arriving in the beginning of March to continue his training here in Tucson and both he and I will drive to San Dimas, California for an US Cup, USA Cycling PRO XCT Triple Crown race on March 10th and 11th (  At this point, he is contemplating the race at Fort Huachuca Military Base Sierra Vista, Arizona on March 17th

I just love this time of year!  The kids come to visit and I am lucky enough to be able to watch them compete in the sport they both love so much.

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