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Camino de Santiago de Compostela – Update (Part IX)

Although training/conditioning to walk the Camino is a big part of my life presently, I still have time to pursue my other interests.  Before I start writing about the training efforts of this week, I thought I would put up a few photos of some recent oil paintings. 

This week I once again returned to Summit Hut.  My purchases this trip were a silk sleeping bag liner, a silk neck purse and a fanny pack.  I’ve also purchased silk underwear and a silk long sleeve tee-shirt for the trip.  I think all I have left to purchase, clothing wise, is a rain poncho.  Now I can start purchasing the other necessities for the trip.

On one of my 6-1/2 mile walks this week, I came across two baby rattle snakes.  One of the snakes had been run over and the other I also thought was dead – dead enough for me to get close enough to photograph.  He was originally lying in the road, I guess sunning himself.  But on my return back up the hill was now coiled with his head up.  Needless to say, I kept walking and didn’t stop to capture the new pose with the camera.  Sorry! 

We have been having gale force winds here in the desert for the last three days, walking has not been terribly pleasant this week.   Here are a few photos of this week’s scenic views.

Mike (the mountain biking son) has been here for his spring training.  Both he and Jocelyn come every late winter/early spring to get a jump start on the East Coast Racing Season (see my post: Late Winter/Very Early Spring Training Camp).  Friday morning he left for a race in San Dimas, California.  He will return early tomorrow morning (Monday).  He will continue his training here in Tucson until March 20th, when he returns home to Northern New Jersey.