On My First Son’s Birthday

With today being my first born’s birthday, I want to speak a bit about him.  Now first let me say that my children are and have always been the most wondrous and awesome accomplishment of my life although, I don’t believe I had much to do with forming the men they turned out to be. 

As a young boy, Mike was very active.  He loved riding his bike and playing street hockey with his brother and friends in the neighborhood.  Who would have known those two activities would continue well into his adulthood. 

For many years Mike played hockey, both ice hockey and roller blade hockey.  He travelled with his team to compete in Las Vegas and Alpharetta, Georgia and Las Vegas, Nevada several times when he was skating on blades.  As an ice hockey player, his team played against the Devils alumni several years in Charity Games.  I can’t begin to explain the feelings of pride his accomplishments brought me.  

During hockey off-season, Mike would be on his bike.  Sometimes he would ride with a street cycling team, but he especially liked being in the woods mountain biking.  His love of mountain biking and the competition has driven him to attain the Number One ranking of Mountain Bikers in the State of New Jersey  last year.  This year’s racing season is still in progress, so his ranking for the year is not yet in. 

Since I moved to Arizona, Mike visits in February or March each year for a couple of weeks.  While he is here, he trains 6 to 8 hours a day for the upcoming East Coast racing season.  During his visit, he usually participates in races sponsored by the Mountain Bike Association of Arizona.  In February this year he competed in Single Speed USA.  The route was 47.6 miles with 4,878 feet of climbing through the mountains here in Tucson.  Mike finished the race in second place.  Now, in my eyes, that is quite an accomplishment!  Check out his blog at http://www.rigidnsingle.blogspot.com/ he writes about mountain biking and some (but only some) of his strategy.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKE!

2 responses to “On My First Son’s Birthday

  1. I am so glad to have been part of your children’s early years. They have both turned out to be remarkable young men. I know your heart is full of pride and love. Keep it up my dear friend


    • And I am happy to have been a part of your boys’ early years also. I, too can say the same about the Hendrickson boys, what remarkable men they have become! I am also blessed with having you as such a good life-long friend. I miss you Kath and hope to talk with you soon.


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