Hello world!

Hi again, a friend who is also a blogger has suggested I keep my original blog – The Desert Southwest Artist – exclusively for my artwork.  With that in mind I have created this second blog for my thoughts, dreams, adventures and possibly some recipes.

You may sign up to receive email alerts from this blog as well as my other blog.  I’m happy to be here and hope you enjoy my ramblings.

4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Being a mom I feel is my greatest accomplishment and pride too….and I too feel they are who they are because of them, not me! Its probably the greatest love you will ever experience, because its basically a selfless love, all you want is for them, nothing in return.
    Happy Birth-day to Mike and his mom! I wish he lived closer to you Arlene so you could celebrate and enjoy the day with him


    • Maggie, I’m so happy we re-connected after all these years – and yes, it is selfless, a mother’s love! Who knows, maybe for the next birthday, I will be closer in miles (my fingers are crossed).


  2. Deb

    I love your blog and I (duh) did not realize you were in arizona. SO BRAVE. I am looking up javelina, no idea what it is!!!


    • Molly, My name is Arlene and I do live in Arizona. Deb is a friend of mine who lives in Florida, she also blogs. But I am going to take it that you like my blog. Arlene


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