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The Final Days

SAM_0404I am ready.

At least I think I am ready!

Well, as ready as I am going to be. No additional amount of training will make my fitness any greater at this point.

The pack is ready and at last weigh-in is 13.8 lbs. or 6.27 kgs. I’m satisfied with that weight!

I probably will ship the Osprey Airporter Duffel plus a few not needed articles to Ivar in Santiago de Compostela to hold for me until I arrive there. For those who do not know, Ivar Revke will accept and hold pilgrim’s parcels in his office in Santiago. Quite a great service he provides for Peregrinos!

The Old Pueblo Chapter of APOC has been left in the very capable hands of Judy and Kathy, our new co-coordinators. I am very comfortable knowing the Chapter will be taken good care of in my absence. Thank you Judy and Kathy!

The Tucson Wildlife Center is very appreciative for those of you have contributed in honor of my Camino. I thank you for the motivation and determination you have given me. I will walk to Santiago de Compostela and then onward to what in medieval times was considered to be the End of the Earth, Finnesterre and Muxia.

It’s still not too late to donate to the Wildlife Center if you would like – here’s the link –

I will be blogging along the way, so stay tuned to follow my Camino 2013 – Logrono to Santiago, Finnesterre and Muxia.

Ultreia y Buen Camino!