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Beginning Preparations for My Next Camino

This is the time of the year my cycling kids come to the warmth of the desert to begin their training for the upcoming mountain bike racing season.  Mike was here and after he returned to the northeast, Jocelyn arrived.

Yesterday Jocelyn and I hiked the Phoneline Trail in Sabino Canyon. (http://blog.summithut.com/post/2009/12/29/Phone-Line-Trail.aspx)

telephone trail sabino canyon 4All I can say is I have lost a ton of fitness since I returned from the Camino last fall.  Just walking the neighborhood streets for daily exercise hasn’t kept me in shape.  In fact, after yesterday’s hike, I realized I had better start putting in some serious effort if I want to be ready to redo the Camino Frances this fall.

I will admit that climbing the Pyrenees was tough when I began the Camino. And the other mountains in Spain weren’t easy either, but Sabino Canyon kicked my butt yesterday.  My legs are sore today and I never experienced that on the Camino.

The beginning part of the Phoneline Trail is pretty much all uphill on a rocky path; I had to stop several times to catch my breath.  But I kept going; I didn’t want Jocelyn to report back to Mike that I was a slacker and in terrible shape.  After all he thinks I only walk on flat terrain and I wanted to prove differently.

At the end of the trail we had to skip from rock to rock because the usually dry riverbed was now flowing with melting snow.   I managed to stay upright the entire crossing. My new Salomon Hiking Boots are waterproof, and they really kept my feet dry, despite the once or twice I stepped into the flowing creek.  They will definitely be the shoe of choice for my second Camino.

telephone trail sabino canyon1 telephone trail sabino canyon 2


Now all I need is a hiking partner, not too smart to hike alone you know.