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Camino de Santiago – Fund Raising for the Tucson Wildlife Center

Last week I contacted the Tucson Wildlife Center;  http://tucsonwildlife.com/. I have this idea to walk my September-October 2013 Camino as a fund-raiser for the Center.

My dilemma is I do not know how to go about advertising and asking for donations.  I spoke with the Development Director, Sheila, and told her my plan.  She was unaware of the Camino de Santiago and seemed very interested after I explained the pilgrimage to her.  She said they would advertise in their newsletter and on their webpage.  She is going to discuss my proposal with the founder of the Wildlife Center and will get back to me soon.  Sheila will be attending the next Old Pueblo Chapter meeting on July 21st to gather a better insight of the Camino.

For those of my readers who are not familiar with the Wildlife Center, they are a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wild animals throughout southern Arizona.  They are one of the only centers in the area that can handle the more sizeable native and federally protected animals.

I will be very proud to walk for donations to such a wonderful organization.  I have mentioned my idea to several of my friends, and they have already committed to donate a specific dollar amount to the Center for each mile I complete by walking while on the Camino.  Once I have the official agreement from the Center, I will distribute flyers to people in my neighborhood asking for their support.


I hope this logo is available as a patch.  I would like to have it sewn onto my backpack before September.