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A Hike with My Son

Mike, my mountain biking son, is here in Arizona for his Winter Mountain Bike Training Camp and a couple of Mountain Bike races. He had a very light “recovery day” on Monday which meant he would only be on the bike for one hour. So, he and I went for a hike!SAM_1928
I usually hike alone – I know that disobeys the first commandment of hiking – but what is a woman to do when she can’t find hiking partners? Whenever I get someone to hike with, I hike a trail I have never hiked before.

It was a tossup between the La Milagrosa Trail ( http://www.cherba.com/atmb/milagrosa/milagrosa.htm ) and the Agua Caliente Hill Trail ( http://www.cherba.com/atmb/agua_caliente_body.htm ); we tossed a coin and decided on the Agua Caliente Trail because of accessible parking for the car.

The climb was steep.SAM_1923
The climb was rocky, similar to the section on the Camino Francés between the Cruz de Ferro and Molineseca.SAM_1932
There were some astounding views.

I enjoyed the hike tremendously; it was a great training work-out with the benefit of sharing an outdoor sport with Mike! And now I am familiar with another local trail that I will definitely hike alone.SAM_1920