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Pilgrim Who Calls You?

Pilgrim Who Calls You?

Dust, mud, sun and rain, is the Way of Saint James; thousands of pilgrims for more than a thousand years.

Pilgrim, who calls you?
What dark force brings you here?

It’s not the Way of the Stars, or the grand cathedrals.
Neither is it the courage of Navarra, or the wine of the people of La Rioja.
It’s not the seafood of Galicia; it’s not the countryside of Castilla.

Pilgrim who calls you?
What mysterious force attracts you?

It is not the people of the Way or their rural customs.
Nor is it their history and culture.
It isn’t the cockerel of la Calzada, Gaudi’s palace, or the castle in Ponferrada.

Everything seen in passing is a joy; and the voice which calls you, makes you feel much deeper. The force which pulls and attracts, cannot be explained.

Only a Force Much Greater knows why!20120911_101531