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Post Camino Hike

Today, exactly 23 days since my return from Camino, I took my first hike.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I met my good friend Sue at the Agua Caliente Hill Trailhead at 7 am and we began the ascent of 824 feet.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The morning was beautiful. We were grateful the sun was behind the clouds for much of the climb, but today there wasn’t any breeze. No breeze and a thick cloud cover in the desert brings higher humidity than we desert rats are accustomed to so the climb caused us to ‘glow’.

A very good friend told me ‘Men sweat, women glow’; friend of mine, I hope it is alright that I borrow and quote you. 😉

Southern Arizona has been experiencing some heavy monsoon activity and the desert is showing the product of all the rain. The trail was in bloom with wildflowers. There were so many wildflowers, I think more than were in bloom this spring. It was truly a beautiful sight.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I was amazed, for not having hiked for over three weeks, my fitness did not seem to have slackened. Hopefully, now I will return to hiking every morning; as Sue said, hiking the AC Hill makes everything for the rest of the day golden.