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Le Premier de la Nouvelle Année or the first day of the New Year

So many things have been learned this past year but especially since my accident of December 11th when I slipped on the ice and fractured my kneecap.  Allowing time for my knee to heal by making me sit still has given me much time to reflect.

I’ve realized how resilient I am.  When I have doubted myself and wondered if I can do something, I’ve proven to myself I can accomplish anything.

I’ve thought of everything I’ve faced in 2017. I reflected on the Intensive Yoga Teaching Training course I attended in February. I believe it further enhanced my spiritual journey.

I thought back on the tours I have led on the Camino, the people I have met doing so and to what I will focus my tour offerings on going forward. I’ve questioned if I wish to continue leading tours on the Camino or to only offer self-guided Camino tours.

I’ve made several new friends. Some friendships have become stronger this past year. I have learned some old friends and acquaintances are not who they pretend to be. This has become especially clear to me since my accident.

I spent more than half of 2017 away from my home while travelling, it was good but it is sure nice to be home!

As most of us do, I’m pondering  what I can do differently in 2018. Wondering what the year will offer me. Where will I travel. What will I study and learn this year.

But one thing for sure, I know the Universe will show me what direction I will take, I only need listen to her messages and follow her direction.