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Fast Forward to April 20th 2018

I have completed my physical therapy and was released by the Orthopedic surgeon on April 2nd. Since that time, I have been exercising indoors and driving to and from nearby stores.

I have purchased a treadmill and a stationary bicycle in order to keep my exercise going. Living in New Jersey seems to bring more unpleasant days where the weather prohibits me from getting outdoors to exercise than pleasant days. Of course, I am sure many will think ‘Gosh, lady tough it up‘ but I’m not tough. Sure I’ve walked in rain on the Camino, but I didn’t have a choice, a Pilgrim keeps walking.

Here in Jersey and at this point in my life, I can do as I please. And I am pleased to not have the need to put myself in a situation that is unpleasant. Remember, I have just recovered from a slip on black ice that had me immobilized for 2 months and in therapy for another 2 months.

However, today was a pleasant day albeit blustery cold and I returned to the scene of the crime so to speak. I returned to the park where I fractured my knee over 4 months ago.

I walked for 2 miles, a paltry distance but a beginning. I must remember a quote from Lao Tzu  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The next time I go out for exercise, it will be for a longer distance. My Garmin stats are below: