Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 12 – Redondela to Pontevedra

Distance Walked:11.63 miles/18.71 kilometers 
Total Distance Walked:126.42 miles/206.61 kilometers 
Temperature: 74F/23C

Again this morning we left the hotel early. Our breakfast was simple, cafe con leche and toast with orange juice.

The walk was very nice but there are many, many pilgrims on the way to Santiago this Semana Santa. It appears to be mostly young people from Spain as they seem to be speaking Spanish. Knowing how important Semana Santa is here in Spain, I am imagining these pilgrims are on their Spring break and have decided to walk the Camino.

Of course there were plenty of moments where we walked by ourselves, the beauty of being older – we walk slower and are not rushing to get a bed for the evening as our beds in the hotels (not albergues) are reserved.

We are now heading out to the old city of Pontevedra for our nightly cocktail and to view the sights.

Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic Spanish style


Dinner was in our hotel and was most delicious. It started with Caldo Gallego, my favorite soup; grilled Hake with potatoes and finished up with flan.

3 responses to “Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 12 – Redondela to Pontevedra

  1. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Looks yummy..Enjoy every step..feels like the excitement and anticipation is increasing..hugs, Nancy


  2. Such a simple and simple looking meal, but if done well, so satisfying and delish! 🙂


  3. Arlene
    Sounds you are having a wonderful tour! The food looks delicious (especially in Portugal), the company, the scenery and the vino!! Great tour.


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