Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía Española

I will be leaving shortly to lead another tour on the Caminho Português  walking to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

As I have been on this route more than a few times and blogged along the way each time, I have decided to make this Camino blog a bit different from in the past.

I will post the daily mileage as well as the accumulated distance traveled but will concentrate mostly on the restaurants where we dine as well as the cuisine served. Both Portugal and Spain have some of  the most wonderful tasting food in my humble opinion.

Portuguese cuisine is famous for seafood. The influence of Portugal’s colonial possessions is also notable, especially in the wide variety of the spices used. The country has Europe’s highest fish consumption per capita and is among the top four in the world for this indicator.

Two of the most famous and renown Portuguese wines are the Porto Wines which include the delightful White, Ruby and Tawny Port wines and the Vinho Verde (green wine). Of course, there are delicious regional white and red wines from the Douro region also.

Fish is served every way conceivable. bacalhau (cod) is the type of fish most consumed in Portugal although grilled sardines are also very popular.

Spanish cuisine, especially along the northern route to Santiago through Galicia  includes shellfish, empanadas, pulpo á feira, queixo de tetilla.

The wines enjoyed in this region are the Ribeiro and Albariño wines as well as Orujo liquor.

One of my favorite tapas in Spain is Padron Peppers, I never seem to be able to sate my appetite for this regional delicacy.


The cuisine of these regions brings delight every time I travel to Portugal and Spain. I hope you will enjoy my accounting of the Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española and  follow along. Please feel free to leave comments.

11 responses to “Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía Española

  1. Have a wonderful and safe Camino.

    Hugs. Steve

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    • Thanks for the well wishes Steve. How is life treating you these days? It’s been a while since we chatted, hope all is well.
      Love, Arlèna


  2. Dear Arlene,
    Wish you could transport some Tiger Prawns and a plate of pardon peppers to all of us through the blog. But, since you can’t I guess we’ll all just have to go on tour with you and eat our way through Portugal..


    • Lynda,
      I surely can photograph the Tiger Prawns and Padron Peppers, that is if we are able to have them. But to have you on tour will be very nice, maybe next year!


  3. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Have a joyful Camino..La comida aparece muy, Nancy


  4. Dear Arlena, WOW, I can feel the pounds settling on my hips as I read!!! Have a wonderful gastronomic – helped with a bit of vino – Camino. Can’t wait to see your posts 🙂


    • Britta, Thankfully/hopefully I will be walking those pounds off! Or at least returning home the same as I left, it is always such a challenge with such glorious food abound. Arlèna


  5. Enjoy, anxious to hear about it all as you travel this journey


  6. Hi Arlene..will follow you here. Your Facebook link today as well as your comment to me I could not access… have no clue why.

    Looking forward to this culinary adventure. Bom Caminho


    • Ingrid,
      The post earlier today was in error. I had logged onto WordPress and was going to post something when I went to Preview the title I must have clicked on post instead of preview. I then deleted that post in WordPress and later went to Facebook to delete it from my page as well. Yes, please follow along on this culinary adventure.

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