AZT – Passage 11a – Butterfly Trailhead to Bigelow Trailhead

  • Distance – 7.7 miles / 12.38 kilometers
  • Elevation Gain – 1873 feet / 571 meters
  • Elevation Loss – 1634 feet / 498 meters
  • Average Temperature – 85.3° F / 29.6° C
  • Total Mileage – 127.96 miles / 216.93 kilometers

This final hike  on Passage 11a will complete this passage for the WWW.  It has been a beautiful Passage for hiking during the summer months.  Mountain temperatures are much cooler than those in the desert.

Today we indoctrinated a fourth member to the WWW, her name is Marie and her trail name is Silver Bullet.   Welcome Silver Bullet!



The hike started out with a delightful decline and pleasant temperatures (we were on the trail at 6:45 am).DSCN2057_1574

The Silver Bullet led the way for the entire hike, she is one strong hiker!  There she is far ahead of the rest of us.DSCN2056_1573

We oohed and aahed at the scenery.  Living in the desert, the sights and scents of the forest are intoxicating.PANO_20150913_104946

But quickly the terrain changed and we were encountering many rock formations and facing an endless incline.DSCN2110_1627

There were a few trees laying across the trail – we had to climb over them.DSCN2097_1614

And more enormous rock formations.DSCN2090_1607

And still we climbed.DSCN2087_1604

And yet another log to get over.IMG_20150913_100829

And  we continued to climb for what seemed forever.  At one point we all were exhausted, well most of us anyway.  Marie was already rested up, she arrived before the rest of us.DSCN2107_1624

After we refueled and caught our breath, we continued on.  Look at this horny toad Lova spotted on the side of the trail.DSCN2106_1623

We finally made it to the Bigelow Trailhead and were all thankful to get into the air-conditioned car and head up to the Saw Mill Run for a celebratory lunch!

7 responses to “AZT – Passage 11a – Butterfly Trailhead to Bigelow Trailhead

  1. Well done. I have really enjoyed reading & viewing thou tires of your hike. Thx for sharing.


  2. nice job on the horny toad


  3. looks like your FB post has been restricted again…do you want to open it up? or keep it protected?



  4. Arlene, This was a cool report. I even got the photos. Where do you go next Sunday?


    Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 01:58:02 +0000 To:


    • Hi Karl,
      It was a tough climb. As for where to next Sunday, not yet sure as there is a Chapter meeting at 2:30 so it must be nearby and quick. Maybe somewhere down south off 83. I’ve got to confer with Scree Slider, Gale Force and the Silver Bullet to see if all are in agreement with the choice. Stay tuned, for sure there will be more to come.


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