Two Special Days on the Camino

This time when I walked the Camino I had a special intention to leave a marker for my recently deceased brother as well as another for my older sister, a sister I never was privileged to know.

I walked for several days with a heart-shaped rock with Tom’s name, birth and death dates written on it tucked into my pack alongside a smaller rock for my sister.

On the first day of I had gone slightly off the Camino when I found a beautiful church.  I thought that would be the proper place for Tom’s stone.  Ah, but he had a different idea, when I looked for the stone, I could not find it.  I searched all through my pack to no avail.  My thought at the time was, he did not like that particular place for his marker.


I continued walking each day until on the fourth day I came upon the perfect place to leave his stone.  It was in a garden of wild calla lilies somewhere in the middle of the forest during the fourth stage of the Camino.DSCN1214

On the side of the path was a large rock sitting atop another rock.  The two rocks formed a sort of sacred cave. DSCN1212This made the perfect place for me to leave my tribute to my brother.

I reached inside my pack and immediately my hand wrapped around the rock.  I placed it inside the little cave and took a picture for remembrance.DSCN1210

On the sixth day of the pilgrimage, I found the perfect place to leave the rock for my sister.  It was a little shrine inside the wall of a home on the path going up the steepest slope on the Camino Portugués.storage_emulated_0_Nikon_WU_Card_D05302015_001_100NIKON_DSCN1278storage_emulated_0_Nikon_WU_Card_D05302015_001_100NIKON_DSCN1281

3 responses to “Two Special Days on the Camino

  1. I’m glad you found the right spots.


  2. Beautiful places. R.I.P. Tom and Sister Mourier.


  3. The flower to the left of the rock cave for your brother looks like a heart! I think you were right – the perfect spot (for both rocks)l


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