Camino Coincidences

As the founding member of APOC’s Old Pueblo Chapter, I have the honor of placing a scallop shell around the neck of each member Pilgrim prior to his or her departure for the Camino.

At our September, 2014 meeting, Malvina and I had the pleasure of presenting Father Bart Hutcherson with a scallop shell.  Father Bart was leaving for a sabbatical in Spain and then would be walking the Camino during the Spring of 2015.Father Bart cropped

On Sunday, June 7th I attended the Pilgrim’s Mass in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.  Being a Catholic I received communion during the mass.  To my surprise when I looked up to the priest who gave me the host, it was Father Bart!

Fast forward to the next Sunday, June 14th.  I unexpectedly found Malvina (my chapter co-coordinator) had just arrived in Santiago.  I sent her a message and Marcy and I met Malvina in Praza do Obradoiro and then onto one of the many cafés around the cathedral to toast our accomplishments.





3 responses to “Camino Coincidences

  1. Small world! What a coincidence is right! BTW – do you hear anything about the young woman who has gone missing on the Camino? She is from AZ and walking from Pamplona. Last seen in Astorga.


  2. It is great how like-minded friends come together Arlene!


  3. Talk about the Camino providing, eh?! Excitement, experiences, surprises 🙂


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