Day Eleven – Caldas de Reyes to Padron

We got an early start to the day as the temperatures were predicted to get quite warm. This was a lovely morning to be walking.

We began walking and talking but the yellow arrows were not easy to find. I was navigating by the GPX files downloaded onto my Garmin, but the rest of the group wanted to go a different direction following another pilgrim. So I walked with them knowing I would be able to find the route.

It seemed we walked in circles around Caldas de Reyes until finally we caught up with a few Italian pilgrims who led us to the exact place where I had said we should turn left and the group decided to walk to the right.

Now that we were on track and once out of the the town, we made our way through woodlands, up and down rolling hills. The Galician countryside is quite lovely.


It was a long day of walking. The temperatures did rise quite high that afternoon. We stopped for lunch in Padron and naturally ate some Pimentos Padron.

After walking a few klicks more, we arrived at the Hotel Scala for the night.

3 responses to “Day Eleven – Caldas de Reyes to Padron

  1. Arlene, no text came through on this one


  2. That Garmin is worth every penny!


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