Day Eight – O Porrino to Arcade

Day eight took us through some lovely little villages as we climbed up and descended down some steep hills.  For me the only drawback was most of the day was walking on asphalt, which I personally find very hard on my feet.

I have been photographing every horreo I see for a project I have been working on, today was a treasure trove of these very special to Galicia horreos.


At one point we came upon a group of Spanish fellows who were looking at a dead snake on the trail – (one of our group claims to have stepped on this reptile). 


We walked in a pretty large group today and we stopped in Redondela for some tapas and beer.




Then we walked what seemed an endless downhill to Arcade finally arriving at our home for the evening. 

Our next day is to be a short one into Ponferrada but the forecast is for it to be almost 90 degree F so most of us plan to begin walking quite early.

3 responses to “Day Eight – O Porrino to Arcade

  1. I too was fascinated by the horreos. What’s your project? Willing to share? 🙂


  2. Sure Britta, I am creating a coffee table book of horreos. Arlene


  3. Enjoy Ponferrado. It was just June 3rd last year that we arrived!


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