Day Six – Cossourado to Valenca

Oh what a lovely day to walk, it was cloudy but quite humid when we started out. 

Today was our last day in Portugal.  Today I hiked at a snail’s pace, I suppose the climb and distance of yesterday did me in.  But I plodded along and was the last one to arrive at the hotel for the evening. 

Marita and I made several stops for refreshments along the way and discovered some strange sights.





Tonight we are staying at the Hotel Lara.  The hotel has provided us with a Happy Hour prior to multi course dinner.  Our youngest participants, Kyle, Kassidy and Karly tasted their first mussels and truly enjoyed them! 

The wine flowed, conversations continued long after the dinner’s remains had been cleared away.  I think this, my first tour, is a success.  Everybody seems to be having a wonderful time. 

Tomorrow morning we cross over the bridge into Tui, Spain and enter into my magical kingdom – Galicia

9 responses to “Day Six – Cossourado to Valenca

  1. Arlene,
    I am so happy everything is going well and the tour is a success.
    Enjoying the travels and photos.


  2. OH, Arlene, I love the look of those cute dogs! Happy travels 🙂

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  3. Fun pictures Arlene xo

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  4. You go girl! You are living your dream. Of course people are enjoying themselves. You put a lot of time and love into building this tour. I like the mermaid.


    • Thanks Karl,
      For sure I am living my dream! Yup lots of love has gone into building this tour. Buen Camino to you, can’t wait to here about the Via la Plata.


  5. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Arlene sounds like a splendid trip. Enjoy every day walking with your group. Nancy


  6. Nanc,
    Having a great time, you will have to come on the next one.


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