Day One Walking – Porto to Arcos

As the route out of Porto is almost entirely on busy roads, I have arranged for us to begin our Camino at Vilar do Pinheiro.  We all piled onto the bus and were transported to our beginning point.


And so the Camino began.  Very quickly the young people took the lead and groups began to form with 4 or 5 people finding their stride and pace were similar to others in the group.

Most of Day One was walked on the granite cobblestone so often used in Portugal.  But oh such beautiful flowers everwhere.



And small country churches and crosses along the way.
Christina and Leonard posed in front of a small chapel for me.


We walked for 11 miles/17.7 kilometers to the most wonderful Quinta.  We were treated like royalty at the Quinta  de Sao Miguel de Arcos.  The rooms were fabulous, each one of them, the dinner was superb. 

The greatest gift was the Quinta had two swimming pools, one cold and one warmed!  Everybody was thrilled after walking their first day in unusually hot weather for this section of Portugal.

11 responses to “Day One Walking – Porto to Arcos

  1. Congrats all on your first day!


    • Thanks Lova, it was a hard hot day but we are used to heat coming from Arizona, and with the gift of the swimming pools – cake walk!


  2. So you did not walk the coast???


  3. Steve,
    There are 15 others.


  4. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Sounds like a great start!! Buen camino,


  5. ingridfolkers

    Buen Camino Arlene… making notes! Ingrid


  6. The flowers are just as beautiful as they were last year Arlene!


  7. Hey Arlene, congrats on a fabulous first day. Sounds wonderful!



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