New Year’s Day or J-1

It is J-1!  The beginning of another year.  And for me what a beautiful morning it is.

I awakened before the sun rose as is almost always the case.  I turned on my computer and read some email.  Then my eyes drifted up to the skylight, what, what is that – OMG it snowed during the night!  My wish had been granted!

I have wanted to get some pictures of snow on the cacti and now was my chance.  I jumped up, quickly threw on some sweat pants, my medium weight Smartwool long sleeve shirt, hiking socks and my hiking boots.  I grabbed my camera, changed the lens to the wide-angle 11-16 mm, packed my 55-200 mm into the camera case, grabbed my gloves, put a buff around my neck and zipped up my fleece jacket.  Out to the garage I headed.  Oops – I forgot to take my first cup of java which I had put into the travel mug so I went back into the house to retrieve the mug full of my morning energy.

I drove the short distance to the Broadway Trailhead, before I got out of the car, I took a picture of the dashboard  to show the temperature.  Yes it does freeze here in the desert – it was 27*F or -2.8*C for my friends from countries other than the US.DSC_0032DSC_0035I entered Saguaro National Park and the trail I so frequently hike had turned into  a winter wonderland overnight.  I took 120 pictures and would have probably taken 120 more had my gloved hands not become so cold that I decided to make my way back to the trailhead and the warmth of my car.  On the way back I passed quite a few others toting their cameras, snow in the desert is quite a beautiful thing.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots.DSC_0049DSC_0092DSC_0119DSC_0094DSC_0040

This is going to be the best year yet.  I had asked the Universe to give me snow for the New Year as I raised my glass in a toast last night and look, she granted my wish!

I’m wishing all of my friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.  And most importantly remember to always Choose Happiness!!



18 responses to “New Year’s Day or J-1

  1. Arlene
    It was just a little colder than that here last night. Down to 18 degrees but we weren’t lucky enough for snow. Your pictures are beautiful. Happy New Year

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    • Lynda, When I lived in the tri-state region (New York) it was my observation that the perfect temperature for snow was around 28*F. I’m sure that isn’t the case for everywhere but in that area it seemed to be so. Happy New Year to you, Dale and a super-healthy wish sent to Stacey! ~ Arlène

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  2. Cool pictures, or do I mean cold. This morning on my camino training hike it was about 30 degrees at the start, frost and icy puddles, but no snow. Have a great New Year.


  3. You certainly did get some great shots! I’m glad you looked up at your skylight!! Happy New Year!


    • Nan,
      Pretty cool, huh? No matter where I’ve lived, the first snowfall (and here it might be the only snowfall) makes me so very happy. I’m like a child, I love looking at freshly fallen snow! Have a great year, hope to see you soon.
      ~ Arlène


  4. nora janusauskas

    Happy New Year Mills. Beautiful pictures of the desert in all its white glory. I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. Laura.


  5. Arlene, these are just gorgeous. Good for you for knowing where to go to get such fabulous shots. What I was thinking of snapping out my back door certainly pale in comparison. Hope we get in some hikes soon.

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    • Lova,
      Give me a prompting email next week for a hike around the 11th. I think Sue will be returning in a few days so by then she’ll be home and will join us. We really need to do the weekly chapter hiking again.


  6. Great shots, especially the last one. I usually wake before dawn these days, too, because sunrise isn’t until after 8 a.m. The best thing about New Years is that the days are already getting longer. I am anticipating a great 2015 as well!


  7. Clare,
    I was on the trail a little after 7 this morning, you can see the sun rising in the last picture, probably why you like it. Tucson is in the valley and is surrounded north, south, east and west by different mountain ranges. It is light for a good while before the sun rises up over the Rincon Mountains.
    Have a great year, I’m glad you have already claimed it to be so!


    • At 7 am this morning I was all cuddled up in my nice warm bed. Too cold outside. It has warmed up from 19 to now 33 but still too cold. Since we have been taking care of Stacey and the grandkids we haven’t walked at all. My grandson asked the other day if we could go to the park and walk. Dale just suggested since we are almost caught up on work why don’t we go walk. Guess I am going to have to bundle up.


  8. We missed the snow! From Uruguay we wish you the best for 2015

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  9. Beautiful pictures Arlene!! Happiest of New Years to you!! Your Bestie !!


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