Another Day In Charleston

Today I went into town, walked through the market and took the horse drawn carriage ride through old town Charleston.

This is the seat of the initiation of the Civil War. So much American history is here. The historic society of Charleston will not allow it’s historic buildings to be torn down, they must be restored. So there are many, many old historic homes to see. 



The horse drawn carriage ride was fantastic, I enjoyed every minute probably because I was sitting in the very front seat.


But the best part of the day just might have been sitting in a restaurant  named Henry’s enjoying a wonderful Sazerac cocktail.


4 responses to “Another Day In Charleston

  1. Arlene,
    You look so good! Relaxed and appear to be having much fun. So much history and food to experience there.


  2. Nice shot of you, Arlene. Both Charleston & Savannah are on my bucket list! Enjoy.


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