Asheville, North Carolina

Wow, it is so different here…….much like the Autumn I so much loved when I lived on the east coast.  The trees are ablaze with color and the air is crisp and has the sweet smell of Fall. 


The desert, where I now live, doesn’t have a show of color in Autumn.  And there isn’t a crispness to the air, Autumn simply means a slight reduction in the blazing heat but the air is still dry, dry, dry – no moisture, no humidity – just a slightly different degree of desert heat. 

I often times muse over my reasons for moving there from the New York Metropolitan area and still can’t say exactly why.  This climate, this landscape, this coast is so much more me than the western part of the country.  Oh well, choices that me make – some are correct and others just never prove to be so.

Here are some photos from the Blue Ridge Parkway, which by the way is a wonderful drive through and up into the Great Smokey Mountains, one of the highest mountain uplifts in the Eastern United States.






2 responses to “Asheville, North Carolina

  1. Arlene,

    So glad you are getting to see Mother Nature at her finest. It is beautiful country. Enjoy, enjoy.
    Have a great visit and sending both of you my best.



  2. Love the colors!! At least we got a storm today. ENJOY Nancy

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