Another Wonderful Hike on Monday

I know, I know it’s a calling. But I simply cannot get my fill of hiking.

I managed to talk Sue into another hike yesterday. This time we went up to the Box Camp Trail in the Catalina Mountains. Both she and I have walked this trail before but never together.

We met at Le Buzz Café, the wonderful coffee bistro at the foot of Catalina Highway at 8 Monday morning. Sue jumped into my car with her daypack filled with water, her trekking poles and her boots in hand. We were off – riding up the mountain to the 8,000 foot elevation mark.

We arrived at the trailhead and were the first car in the parking lot. Sue sat on a rock on the side of the trail to put on her boots while I arranged my wallet and car keys in my daypack and then we were off.

Immediately the Box Camp Trail gives you a steep climb. In order to catch my breath, I posed for this picture. I didn’t fool Sue one bit, she knew all too well why I was stopping.2014-09-22 09.08.10

We continued on the trail, the air was cool, the lighting was perfect, the smells of the pine trees was intoxicating. The next thing I knew Sue was posing for a picture standing atop a huge rock. 2014-09-22 10.23.59

We hiked, we chatted, then we were silent. We crossed over brooks and saw some streams running downhill.2014-09-22 09.50.35

All day long we saw little horny toads on and next to the trail. Sue picked one up and he posed for his very special photo-op!2014-09-22 11.03.23

We hiked for a couple of hours and then decided to return to the car as we were getting tired and hungry. On our way back I stopped at one of the pools of water, took off my boots and socks and sat with my feet in the water. Boy was it cold! Sue followed suit.2014-09-22 11.33.07

A young girl came upon us and chatted for a while. She was hiking alone and seemed very happy to be up there in the woods. How could anybody not be happy up there?

What people need now is more time out in nature; not only children suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder. Just get outdoors and walk in nature. Take a leisurely walk in a park or up a trail. Breathe in the clean air. Enjoy the peacefulness that is all around you.

You will then understand this ‘calling’ and ‘need’ I have.  I am happiest when I can be out there in the wilderness hiking.

4 responses to “Another Wonderful Hike on Monday

  1. A very very nice hike with a wonderful landscape.
    You look so happy on this pict barefoot my cousin 😉



    • Cousin,
      Ah, but I don’t hike barefoot! Thankfully the earth was covered with pine needles around the water, it made walking easier.
      Kisses right back


  2. Eh, Arlene, forget about the hiking … love your pink toenails!! I’m visiting my Danish family and yesterday had a mani/pedicure bonding session with my 2 sisters-in-law – the best time and I can highly recommend it to all and sundry!! 🙂 Keep hiking and please keep posting. Britta


    • Britta,
      Yes it is important for us ladies to remain girly! One of life’s little pleasures isn’t it? As for hiking, I’m back out this morning for another.


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