Day 13 – 24 August 2014 – A Picota to Negreira

I started out with the most wonderful breakfast this morning. Melon, jamon, queso, tomate, zumo naranja, cafe con leche, tostada and yes, that is Vegemite on the toast!


Casa Jurjo has the best breakfast on the Camino Costa de Morte and the price is only 5 €.

I set off walking to Negreira. I knew this was going to be a long tiring slog on pavement as well as natural path. What I didn’t remember was the hills – naturally when I was walking to Muxia they were downhill climbs, quite the opposite today and they seemed endless.



I finally made it to my destination, had menu del dia with copious amounts of vino tinto after which I bathed and relaxed. I walked 22.3 kms today in 4 hours and 30 minutes, the temperature was 74 F and the sun was shining.

I have another long trek back into Santiago tomorrow. I will stop in the St. Francis Monastery for my Cotolaya and then onto the Pilgrim’s Office for my Compostela and Certificate of Distance for the Camino Costa de Morte.

5 responses to “Day 13 – 24 August 2014 – A Picota to Negreira

  1. can u throw in a prayer in Santiago for my family?” that Joe and Lisa get Great funding for their movie” that would be super..can’t wait to have vino and hear about it all buen camino


  2. Yummy food Arlene and yes vegemite is a great start to the day. The whole walk is showing to be fantastic in every way. xo


  3. Very good breakfast to start your day and take strengths. Another great trail; enjoy 😉


  4. Go the Vegemite on toast for breakfast!!!


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