Day 10 – 21 August 2014 – Finisterre to Cee

Another beautiful day on the Camino.  The temperature was 70 F and the sun was shining. 

Yes, I am walking back to Santiago from Finisterre!  I have intended to complete a loop from Santiago to Muxia to Finisterre and back to Santiago.  So far I have walked 136.7 kms on this route, that should qualify me for another Compostela, I would imagine. We shall see what the Pilgrim’s Office thinks when I arrive.

The walk today was pretty much along the coast which included a few hills.  This route seems to have many hills but none are anything like the Pyrenees or O’Cebreiro.  Actually, I am enjoying both routes (Camino Ingles and Camino Muxia/Finisterre). Today I walked 13.3 kms to the final beach town on the Camino.

Since I have walked this route rather unconventionally – Santiago, Muxia, Finisterre; I had not seen many other pilgrims.  However, now I am encountering many pilgrims walking to Finisterre from Santiago.  It is strange to be greeting pilgrims who are traveling in the opposite direction.





8 responses to “Day 10 – 21 August 2014 – Finisterre to Cee

  1. Arlene, love that you’re walking against ‘the tide’!! I often walk backwards just to get a different perspective, and you cleverly are doing that in a forward motion 🙂 Enjoy! Britta


  2. Hi Arlene, yes, by the time you get to Santiago, having done the triangle, you have walked the “eye of God”, most definitely guaranteeing you entry into heaven! 🙂 Now, not sure about this, but had you done it the other way around Santiago/Finisterra/Muxia/Santiago, once you got to Muxia, you would have gotten your Fisterra, a very colourful looking compostela. I believe that document is issued in Muxia. Ah well, I always say, “t’is a nice piece o paper, but what matters lass, t’is what your heart tells ya”.

    Light and Love Ingrid


  3. Ingridfulkers, I like your quote at the end of your comment. I completely agree with you. I walk the Camino to walk with and listen to what God is trying to tell me.the piece of paper for me is secondary. That being said, the Compostelas sure would look nice framed and on the wall. Arlene have a good walk and “may the wind be at your back” and the hills always low.


  4. Really enjoying hearing a bit about these other routes Arlene! Bravo


    • Kathryn,
      Both the Ingles and the Costa de Morte have been beautiful and not crowded at all. Besudes I am partial to Galicia, it reminds me of home ( Long Island, New York )


  5. Reading your blog is inspiring me to hit the Camino again!! It won’t be in 2015…perhaps 2016!!!


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