Arrival in Santiago de Compostela 10 August 2014

I have dedicated this Camino to my dear friend Carol who has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.

Every morning with my first steps taken, I have prayed that her treatments have been effective in shrinking the tumor.

I waited to go to the Pilgrim’s Mass in the Cathedral until this morning, Monday the 11th since this is the day Carol will receive her prognosis. The mass was very crowded and the butofumerio swung at the end of the mass.


7 responses to “Arrival in Santiago de Compostela 10 August 2014

  1. Welcome home. Buen Camino.


  2. My dear cousin,
    I’m so proud of you; you’re really a big-hearted person. Many thoughts for your friend.


  3. Glad you made it…Seems that you’ve been having a great time. fine pictures…now on to the Sea??


  4. Welcome to the city so dear to my heart and yours. Adding my prayers to yours. Light and Love Ingrid


  5. Prayers and thoughts for Carol. Wishing her the best.
    Proud of you! Prayers for you, also. Enjoying your pictures and updates.


  6. Dear Arlene, the prayers for Carol for a good result and for you for your further journey are obviously pouring in from around the world. Mine included 🙂 Britta


  7. Prayers for your friend Carol. Enjoying your blog ! Nancy


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