Day 6 – Meson do Vento to Siguiero

I left Meson Novo early this morning. If you walk the Ingles make it a point to stay at Meson Novo.


Wow, what a long walk – 25 kms in a little more than 5 hours. I hate long walking days.

I never purposely schedule a day for more than 16 or 17 kms. But sometimes there simply aren’t any accommodations within my comfort range. That is exactly what happened today.

So walk I did, and then I walked some more. Thankfully the elevation wasn’t difficult and the weather was cloudy. The temperature was 80 F and the air was humid. But it felt wonderful, so much more pleasant than August in Tucson!


Again the Way was on natural paths through deeply wooded areas. 


Tomorrow I will be walking into Santiago!

5 responses to “Day 6 – Meson do Vento to Siguiero

  1. great photos wish I was there purple ella


  2. 25 km in 5 hours ; what a nice speed 😉


  3. Another camino biting the dust for you. You need a Camino trophy room.


  4. Looks like a wonderful walk. Hug Ingrid


  5. Arlene,
    That couple in the photograph are shorter then you!. You look happy. Continue to enjoy and experience your walk.


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