Day 3 – 6 August 2014 Pontedeume to Betanzos

Wow, what a day!  The hill was steeper than the Pyrenees in a shorter distance so I believe the grade was greater.  But then all day it was up and down more and more steep inclines.


Aside from that though, the day was magical simply because the views and scenery were breathtaking.  T  Or maybe I was looking at the world through rose colored glasses.  I felt good; I felt wonderful! 


Yes the hills were hard all the way to Betanzos, every time I thought there were no more inclines,  another would be ahead.  But I feel wonderful because I accomplished 21.3 km in 5 hours with what seemed like a million stops to catch my breath.



2 responses to “Day 3 – 6 August 2014 Pontedeume to Betanzos

  1. Very nice pictures 😉


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