A Hike on Mt. Lemmon

The day is getting closer until I leave Tucson for the Camino Inglés.  Andrea (another Camino veteran) and I decided to hike up on the mountain last Thursday.

The  temperatures were forecast to be 109+ and we certainly enjoyed the much cooler temperatures at a 9,100 foot elevation.

We decided to hike the Marshall Gulch Trail.  Straight out of the gate we encountered this trail marker.


The Arizona Trail along with the Appalachian Trail have been finding their way into my mind lately.  Hmmm, both are trails I would love to give a try. 

Well we climbed and then we climbed some more.  The sights and vistas along this path were incredible.


It is so fabulous for me to be up on the mountain, I don’t mind desert hiking it can be fun but you simply cannot do it during the summer months – that is unless you awaken early and manage to get yourself on the trail before the sunrise.

Finally we came to  the section where we made the loop around to get on the Aspen Trail and make our way back down the mountain to the trailhead on the other side of the parking lot. 

We walked through a section that had been burned out during the terrible wildfire of 2003.  Look at the picture  below to see how nicely Mother Nature is reforesting this area.


This trail was tough with steep  inclines as well as steep downhills  but I loved every step of the way.
We were out hiking for 3 and 1/2 hours and you can believe me when I tell you, we had a wonderful meal and an adult beverage in the Sawmill Restaurant before we made our way back down to the valley.




16 responses to “A Hike on Mt. Lemmon

  1. Oh my gosh! I just looked at your meter. Only seven days to go. I am so excited for you. We are planning on Italy with Bill and Jen in April and since we will be in Europe may as well get our money’s worth out of the plane ticket and do another Camino as well. Not sure if before or after and which one. Very interested in seeing your photos of this one.


    • Lynda,
      It is crazy how quickly this Camino got here, isn’t it? I will be blogging along the way. I’ll also be walking to Muxia then Finisterre and hopefully back to Santiago.


  2. thank you for this piece of inspiration…thought about exploring that trail, never went up with that purpose in mind so was never prepared to walk more than a few hundred yards or so


    • Lova,
      Yes, you should try some of the trails up on Mt. Lemmon, they are quite lovely and definitely out of this oppressive heat.


  3. Enjoy the best of both worlds. Good luck with the upcoming Caminos and of course with your search for a place to hang your hat. You will find it, I am sure. Look forward to following along.



  4. It’s beautiful Arlene.

    Enjoy your last week before heading off on the Camino. I’ll be following along on your blog.

    Donna. xx


  5. I miss that mountain.

    Great shots Arlene. Thank you for sharing. Looks wonderful.



  6. Oh, and I will be following your blog when you are on the Caminos.

    Vaya con dios my friend.


  7. Say hi to Barb for me.

    I miss you too.


  8. WOW Arlene so close to your next Camino! And what a wonderful place for a training walk. Love the photos!! I just flew into LA a week ago and the last couple of days drove from Santa Barbara to San Francisco via The Big Sur _ talk about BIG landscapes!! Looking forward to reading your Camino blogs 🙂


    • Hi Britta,
      How wonderful to hear from you. It sounds as though you, too, are on a great adventure.
      I love hiking up on the mountain, it is so lush and cool up there – quite different from down below in the desert where I live.
      Take care and enjoy your trip.


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